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Stefano's Gelato Offers Over
(Kosher/Organic Available)

Stefano's Gelato & Sorbetto is made using only the highest quality creams, fruits, nuts, spices, liquers, imported chocolates, coffees and teas. VOTED BEST GELATO BY OVER 2000 TOP CHEFS NATIONWIDE! Here is a sampling of our customer's favorite flavors.

1. Tahitian Vanilla Gelato!

Pure Tahitian vanilla blended with vanilla bean specks and fresh cream.

2. Banana Caramel Praline Gelato!

Fresh ripe bananas steeped in cream with a caramel swirl and jr. mammoth praline pecan halves.

3. Banana Split Vanilla Gelato!

Pineapples, strawberries, walnuts and fudge throughout.

Triple Dark Chocolate Gelato
4. Crème de Menthe Chip Gelato!

Green crème de menthe liqueur steeped in fresh cream with chocolate mint pieces folded throughout.

5. Dolce de Leche Gelato!

Caramelized sweetened milk with a caramel swirl.

6. Dutch Fudge Cookie Gelato! (Cookies & Cream)

Fresh cream with dark Dutch fudge cookie pieces folded throughout.

7. Triple Dark Chocolate Gelato!

Pure chocolate cocoa butter steeped in cream, a dark fudge ripple with dark chocolate couverture curls throughout.

8. Swiss Chocolate Couverture Gelato!

French extra brut chocolate blended with Swiss double cream couverture chocolate.

9. French Chocolate Caramel Brandy Gelato!

French extra brut cocoa and brandy with fresh dairy-caramel swirl and fudge pieces folded throughout.

10. Mixed Berry Gelato!

Blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and raspberries cooked down and steeped with fresh cream. Whole blackberries folded throughout.

11. Fresh Strawberry Gelato!

Strawberries ground and steeped with fresh cream.

12. Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato!

Strawberry gelato with small homemade squares of cheesecake throughout.

13. White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato!

Sweet buttercream white chocolate chunks and whole red raspberries folded in fresh cream.

White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato
14. Roasted Pistachio Gelato!

Fresh roasted pistachios ground and steeped in cream with whole pistachios folded throughout.

15. Italian Pistachio Gelato!
Imported Italian pistachio base and pistachios blended together with pistachio nuts (green)
16. Toasted Coconut Almond Fudge Gelato!

Imported pure Asian coconut milk and toasted coconut macaroons steeped in fresh cream and folded with roasted almond halves, a chocolate swirl and fudge pieces.

17. Fresh Coconut Gelato!

Imported pure Asian coconut milk steeped in fresh cream with sweetened coconut flesh folded throughout.

18. Peanut Butter Cup Gelato!

Peanut Butter gelato with mini chocolate covered peanut butter cups folded throughout.

19. Roasted Almond Amaretto Gelato!

Fresh roasted almond butter and amaretto blended with fresh dairy and almond halves.

20. Nocciola (Hazelnut) Gelato!

Fresh cream steeped with hazelnut base imported from Italy.

21. Tiramisu Gelato!

Mascarpone cheese steeped with fresh cream and lady fingers tossed with Kahlua folded throughout.

22. Raspberry Tiramisu Gelato!

Mascarpone cheese steeped with fresh cream, lady fingers tossed with Kahlua, and raspberries folded throughout.

23. Café Mocha Gelato!

Italian roast coffee steeped with fresh cream and cocoa. Chocolate shavings folded throughout.

24. Cappuccino Hazelnut Gelato!

Smooth coffee steeped with cream and ground fresh roasted hazelnuts.

25. Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Gelato!

Italian roast coffee steeped with fresh cream. Chocolate covered espresso beans folded throughout.

26. Italian Flaming Coffee Gelato!

Italian coffee with grand mariner, galiano, caramelized sugar and cinnamon.

27. Stracciatella Gelato! (Romeo & Juliet)

Panna cream gelato with dark chocolate curls folded throughout.

28. Bocci Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato!

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut.

29. Cannoli Gelato!

Vanilla or Chocolate base gelato with pieces of cannoli folded throughout.

30. Wedding Cake Gelato!

Vanilla cake gelato with amaretto soaked cake pieces and buttercream swirl.

31. Spumoni Zuppa Inglese Gelato!

(With whole maraschino cherries/almond 1/2's), Pistachio and Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut) 3 sections of color.

32. Dark Chocolate Mint Brownie

Two types of dutch cocoa blended with 65% couverture chocolate throughout, pieces of mint and brownies folded throughout!

33. Dark Chocolate Rocky Road
Dark chocolate gelato with marshmallow swirl and peanuts folded throughout!
34. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Dark Chocolate Raspberry gelato with chocolate truffle pieces folded throughout!
35. Mackinac Island Fudge
Fresh cream with a caramel swirl and Mackinac Island fudge chunks throughout
36. Blueberry Buttercookie
Blueberries blended with fresh cream with butter cookies folded throughout!
37. Banana Foster
Fresh ripe bananas steeped in fresh cream with a cinnamon rum caramel swirl!
38. Butter Pecan
Caramalized brown sugar and butter steeped in fresh cream with jr. mammoth pecan halves folded together!

Variety Sugar Free Pack: Includes 1 pan of each flavor: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate

SEASONAL FLAVORS (...just a sample)
1. Pumpkin Cheesecake Gelato!

Pumpkin Gelato with cheesecake chunks folded throughout.

2. Spiced Caramel Apple Gelato!

Apples spiced with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and a caramel swirl.

3. Autumn Spice Crunch Gelato!

Nutmeg and cinnamon steeped with fresh cream. Windmill cookie pieces folded throughout.

4. Bourbon Caramel Gingersnap Gelato!

Steeped in fresh cream with caramel swirls and gingersnap cookie pieces.

5. Cinammon

Italian cinnamon sticks steeped in cream and folded with fresh ground cinnamon. White base with cinnamon swirl!

6. Pink Peppermint Patty Gelato!

Natural peppermint with a pink shade and peppermint patties folded throughout.

SORBETTO FLAVORS (...just a sample)
Stefano's Sorbetto is an excellent choice for the lactose intolerant. Any flavor imagineable!
1. Fresh Red Raspberry Sorbetto!

Flavor and color come from hundreds of raspberries. Raspberry specks throughout.

2. Fresh Lemon Sorbetto!

Made from pure lemon juice, with no oils or preservatives (with or without zest).

3. Fresh Mango Sorbetto!

Pureed fresh mango with mango specks.

Fresh Mango Stefano's Sorbetto
4. Blood Orange Sorbetto!

Made from pureed blood oranges with blood orange zest.

5. Tangerine Sorbetto!

Tangerines pureed and blended with zest.

6. Black Cherry Zinfandel Sorbetto!

Black cherries pureed with zinfandel. Hints of cinnamon and pepper.

7. Chardonnay Sorbetto!

Made from Chardonnay Wine.

8. Pina Colada Sorbetto!

Pure Asian coconut milk blended with pineapple juice, rum, coconut and pineapple flesh.

9. Marrion Berry (Blackberry) Sorbetto!

Blackberries cooked down and folded with whole berries.

10. Granny Green Apple Schnapps Sorbetto!

Tart green apples pureed and blended with apple juice and schnapps.

11. Green Apple Wasabi Sorbetto!

Fresh green apples blended with wasabi.

Stefano's Sorbetto is an excellent alternative for lactose intolerant. No Fat…Less Sugar…More intense flavor! Made with a blend of fresh fruit and fruit juices, any flavor imaginable customized!


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