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Q. Why Stefano's Gelato?
A. We offer full service, "turnkey" approach to getting your business scooping to BIG PROFITS. Over Ten (10) years of experience, a proven track record, expert support training and a complete training package, and a POS system that includes Flavor Tags. Let us help you include another Profit Center within your business.
Q. What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?
A. LESS AIR, LESS FAT, MORE INTENSE FLAVOR! Did you know that the cream used in gelato has a lower butterfat content than the cream used in super premium ice cream? Traditional gelato is made with 7-12% butterfat, a healthier alternative to ice cream's 15-45% butterfat. The creaminess of our gelato comes from the density, not the fat. When gelato is made in a batch freezer, it is spun at a much slower speed then when making ice cream, therefore, there is not a lot of added air whipped in. Gelato weighs twice as much as most ice creams, each 5 liter pan weighs approximately 8lbs.
Q. Why choose Stefano's Gelato over others on the market?
A. Through many years of working with top chefs throughout the country, we had an opportunity to develop and perfect the recipes. The artisan (from scratch) styles set us apart from most people that make gelato from powders, pastes, whips and gels, and artifical ingredients. Our gelatos and sorbettos are made to order FRESH, with ALL NATURAL, AUTHENTIC ITALIAN INGREDIENTS! It also means NOTHING ARTIFICAL! STEFANO'S SHELF LIFE IS 6 MONTHS, OTHERS ARE JUST DAYS!
Q. Why do I need a gelato case, can't I use an ice cream dip cabinet?
A. Although some customers choose to convert ice cream dip cabinets to fit 5 liter stainless steel gelato pans, it is usually a temporary solution. To start off, gelato is served at a warmer temperature (10-22° F) than ice cream (0-5° F). Note that in a gelato case, the gelato sits higher than ice cream does in a dip cabinet. You don't need to look down into a cabinet to see the gelato, it can be seen from across a room. Not only is the presentation impressive when displaying gelato in a gelato case, but the main function of a gelato case is to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the entire case, above and below the gelato. You will usually get warm spots and very cold spots which will make the consistency and presentation of the gelato hard to work with.

Q. What is the shelf life of gelato and how should it be stored?
A. The SHELF LIFE is SIX (6) MONTHS. After the gelato is made fresh, it is flash frozen, this method preserves the shelf life. Storing your gelato at 0-10° F in a separate chest freezer will insure freshness up to 6 months.

Q. How does Stefano's Gelato package gelato and sorbetto?
A. READY MADE -- READY TO SCOOP! Gelato is packaged in 5 liter, plastic pan inserts that drop into the stainless steel gelato pans - couldn't be easier than that! Also 4 liter pans and prepackaged "Pints to Go" are available.


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