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Retail Opportunities

Gelato KioskStefano's Gelato offers only “true artisan” style (from scratch) gelato and sorbetto. All gelato and sorbetto is sold "READY TO SCOOP" in convenient 5 liter pans for display in gelato cases or for restaurant dessert use. Also add prepackaged "PINTS TO GO" to your existing display freezer unit or purchase a "Pint to Go" Countertop Display from Stefano's.

Stefano's gelatos & sorbettos are available at many fine restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee houses, pizzerias, hotels, resorts, hospitals, airports and and other retail locations throughout Florida and the United States. WHY not add gelato & sorbetto to your existing menu and experience a taste of Italy!

We like to concentrate our efforts on selling gelato and sorbetto to our gelato vendors, but realize you may be in need of gelato cases or full gelato concepts to display your products. Stefano's offers several options and we can supply your gelato equipment needs. As your gelato supplier, we will be happy to assist you and get you up and running with a turnkey approach!

Over 600 Flavors!
Featured in Oprah's Magazine and the Food Network Channel


Gelato Conversion Units

Please contact Stefano's Gelato for equipment pricing.
We do not sell equipment without a PAID First Order of Stefano's Gelato

Palazotto Cases

P-Gelato Cases-Dimension Sizes

P-4 W-30" L-32.5" H-47"
P-6 W-32" L-47" H-47" (includes inventory storage underneath)
P-9 W-32" L-65.5" H-47" (includes inventory storage underneath)
P-12 W-32" L-83.5" H-47" (includes inventory storage underneath)

P Gelato Cases-Display Flavors Pans

P-4 4-Flavors (5-liter Pans)
P-6 6-Flavors (5-liter Pans)
P-9 9 -Flavors (5-liter Pans)
P-12 12-Flavors (5-literPans)

Alba Gelato Case

Alba Gelato Case

  • 220 volts
  • Runs 9-12 amps
  • Dedicated 30 amp breaker
  • 5L stainless steel pans
  • 50.1x37x58 (lxdxh)

"Pints to Go" Freezer Display

"Pints to Go" Freezer Display

  • 115 volts
  • Runs 3.6
  • 3 shelves to hold approx. 30 "Pints to Go"
  • 24.2x21.50x27.25 (lxdxh)


  • Custom Designed Kiosk
  • Holds Up To 20 Flavors


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Stefano's Gelato
3959 Van Dyke Road #308
Lutz, Florida 33558
Phone: 813-850-9200

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