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What is Gelato


Gelato is Italian ice cream. Our team of chefs make our gelato and sorbetto artisan style (from scratch.) Each batch of gelato and sorbetto is made to order fresh with authentic, Italian flavors and raw ingredients. Natural ingredients and fresh fruits are used in Stefano's Gelato and Sorbetto. Only the highest quality creams, fruits, nuts, spices, liqueurs, imported chocolates, coffees and teas are used.

Did you know that gelato has less fat than traditional ice cream?

Gelato contains 7-12% butterfat, a healthier alternative to ice cream's 15-45% butterfat. Our team of chefs make all the gelatos and sorbettos in batch freezers, the OLD FASHIONED WAY! Unlike continuous freezers, the batch process allows us to use whole fruits and nuts. Though more labor intensive, it means we can be HANDS-ON in the production of each and every tub. You will notice the difference in the weight of a gelato serving, without added air whipped in, gelato weighs twice as much as most ice creams.
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What is Sorbetto?

Sorbetto is a good alternative for people that do not eat dairy products. In addition to gelato, you may also offer sorbetto in your display case. Our sorbettos are a blend of fruit, fruit juices and less than 1% cream. As with all our ingredients, each piece of fruit is carefully selected for perfection. We only use true ingredients, so our sorbettos taste clean and fresh. No oils are used, only the real fruits and fruit juices. There is a very small amount of cream used in the sorbetto, less than 1 gram of fat per 4 ounce serving. The cream is a natural way to keep the sorbetto easy to scoop.

Sugar Free/Fat Free

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry

Organic Gelato and Sorbetto

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Prepackaged "Pints to Go"

Flavors Available Upon Request. Click Here to Contact Us.

Kosher Products

Kosher is available on request. Any flavor imagineable can be made Kosher. Certified Kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. Look for the symbol to left on the label on the box. Kosher products need to be ordered as soon as possible. Click Here to Contact Us.

Educating the Customer


Some consumers will not know what gelato is. It will be important for you to educate the customer on a few basic points. One of the best ways to introduce gelato to a consumer is to offer free samples "with a Gelato spoon". Customers may wish to try a few flavors before making their final decision. You will see their eyes light up as they taste gelato for the first time.

If a customer is familiar with gelato, they most likely had gelato on a trip to Italy. There are actually three very different "schools of gelato." Our team of chefs use recipes from Northern Italy or VENETO STYLE GELATO. The Veneto style, considered by most to be the richest, most elegant of the gelato styles is different from the Sicilian and Tuscan styles.

Points to Remember When Educating the Customer:

  1. Gelato ingredients are mixed slower than traditional ice cream. LESS FAT, LESS AIR WHIPPED IN means more INTENSE FLAVOR!
  2. Our gelato is made from scratch with the finest all natural, raw ingredients.
  3. Our gelato has no artificial coloring or flavoring.
  4. Gelato is Italian style ice cream. Our gelato is made Venito style, with recipes from Northern Italy.
  5. Gelato has less fat and fewer calories than traditional ice cream because the cream used has less butterfat than traditional ice cream.
  6. Gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, which adds to the soft, creamy texture. Gelato cabinets are kept at 10 - 22F. Ice cream cabinets are generally kept at minus 0 - 10 F.
  7. The absence of fat produces a rich flavorful gelato product. The extra fat in ice cream masks the flavor.
  8. Sorbetto is a good alternative for people that do not eat dairy products.
  9. Served in gelato cups with small spoons, just like ITALY or scooped into cones.

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